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Steve Richards presents the Rock N Roll Politics podcast

Apr 26, 2021

Even if most voters are paying no attention the allegations around B Johnson's integrity and judgement will destabilise Number 10, the wider government...and, indeed, B Johnson, a figure unused to facing consequences of earlier decisions and conduct.

The historic final live show from a room in my house takes place on...

Apr 20, 2021

Imagine if Ed Balls or John McDonnell had been Chancellor.  Cameron would've been in no position to text them. This is partly a saga of one party rule at your questions and who will win the Hartlepool by-election? 

The historic final live streamed show from my boudoir is on May 12th. Tkts:

Apr 15, 2021

Just a quick reminder about tonight's live show and what we'll be doing...including the lessons from the contrasting careers of David Cameron and Shirley Williams, live questions and unreliable predictions..

Tickets here:

Apr 12, 2021

Such a lot to cram in..BBC's response to Prince Phillip's death, Northern Ireland, Sturgeon v Salmond latest...and I reveal what I'll be covering on this Thursday's Rock N Roll Politics streaming live at 7pm and then available for another...

Apr 5, 2021

I'm joined by Alastair Campbell to reflect on Ed Miliband's leadership, Keir Starmer and Tony Blair as he publishes his revelatory diaries that span brilliant questions on A Salmond, K Starmer and the Covid Inquiry...and the latest from listeners in rural Australia and idyllic Portugal. Rock N...